From 2011-2017, images and videos of "The Root Canal Anatomy Project" were developed at the Laboratory of Endodontics of Ribeirao Preto Dental School - University of Sao Paulo - under supervision of Dr Manoel Sousa Neto. From 2016, images were acquired in other educational institutions. They can be freely used for attributed noncommercial educational purposes by educators, scholars, student and clinicians. It means that all material used should include proper attribution and citation ( In such cases, this information should be linked to the image in a manner compatible with such instructional objectives. Unfortunately, because material shared on the RCAP has not been properly cited by several users, from November 2019 a watermark was added to the images and videos. Enjoy!

February 16, 2012

PowerPoint Presentations

Dear readers,

Considering some requests, the Root Canal Anatomy Project is providing presentations in unlocked, editable PowerPoint (.pptx) files with all images and videos developed during the last year in our laboratory. Just click the link and download the file (how to download a file?). It is ready to be used. Have fun!

Maxillary Central Incisor
Maxillary Lateral Incisor
Maxillary Canine
Maxillary First Premolar
Maxillary Second Premolar
Maxillary First Molar
Maxillary Second Molar
Maxillary Third Molar

Mandibular Incisors
Mandibular Canine
Mandibular First Premolar
Mandibular Second Premolar
Mandibular First Molar
Mandibular Second Molar
Mandibular Third Molar


Anonymous said...

Material extraordinário, lindo.
Decisão de dividir com todos vai ajudar centenas de dentistas ao redor do mundo
Grato por tudo, fico muito orgulhoso de ter sido aluno da casa e ter iniciado na endodontia pelas mãos do Prof. Pécora
Grande abraço a todo Micro -CT team
Mario Zuolo

Power Point Presentations said...

very well written and organized tutorials…its indeed a great help for beginners like me to keep up the interest and at the same time learn this important subject.
powerpoint presentations

Anonymous said...

Excelente material com qualidade e valor inquestionável para o ensino e compreensão da endodontia .

Parabéns professor Marco Versiani , professor Pécira e professor Manoel Sousa Neto e muitíssimo obrigada por dividir os conhecimentos.
Ines Inojosa