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June 22, 2013

A New MicroCT-Based Educational Resource

Realistic visualization by volume rendering

The volume rendering program CTvox (Brucker-MicroCT) for mobiles under iOS is a volume rendering app that runs on Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod. CTVox displays set of reconstructed slices as a realistic 3D object with intuitive navigation and manipulation of both object and camera, a flexible clipping tool to produce cut-away views, background selection including custom scenery and an interactive transfer function control to adjust colors and transparency. A "flight recorder" function allows fast creation of "fly around" and "fly through" animations based on the selection of several key frames with automatic interpolation in between. Imaging possibilities include lighting, shadows and stereo viewing.

This app is available free of charge through the App Store.

The app's manual is available as a PDF, both for the iPad and the iPhone/iPod versions.

Volume data for the CTvox app is stored in a VXM file. A VXM file contains both the volume data and an associated transfer function. Now, you will be able to rotate, cut, color, create movies, and whatever you wanted, in real-time, from real 3D datasets of all teeth acquired using micro-CT technology!

For educational purposes, 
the Root Canal Anatomy Project will provide you 
with VXM files of all groups of teeth

Download links:
Maxillary Teeth

Mandibular Teeth


June 15, 2013

Impressions from Chile 2013

Board of Direction (from left to right): Dr. Carlos Olguín, Dra. Milena Souto, Dr. Wenceslao Valenzuela, Dra. Mónica Pelegrí, Dr. Marcelo Navia (president), Dra. Olga Ljubetic, Dra. Pilar Araya, Dr. Mauricio Garrido, Dra. Andrea Dezerega, Dra. Marcia Antúnez (past president)