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January 25, 2012

Impressions from IAE Meeting

The mission of The International Academy of Endodontics ( is to improve the oral health of the public by promoting the highest quality of non-commercial endodontic and scientific continuing education for its membership. The Academy encourages its members to pursue scholarship, research and the highest standards of clinical excellence to advance the art and science of endodontics. Its vision is to create the foremost international endodontic and scientific educational experience for endodontists and their colleagues in dentistry, medicine and science. The International Academy of Endodontics was formed by a group of clinicians committed to the highest standards of continuing education. The membership has been kept small by design and will not exceed 125 members. Believing that clinical excellence is a lifelong pursuit, their members seek out speakers from many areas in biology, medicine and dentistry who are exceptional leaders in their field. Their organization is a non-profit public organization and accepts no commercial affiliations.

The IAE meets at the same time and in the same location each year in Dallas. The goal of the meeting was to provide advanced knowledge and understanding, to give inspiration through basic science and clinical leadership, and to provide serious mentorship for all attendees.  The programs include long and short oral presentations and table clinics that serve to integrate basic and clinical science on topics directly or indirectly related to endodontics.

In 2012, I have the honour to be one of the invited speakers in their first meeting. I know that I am in the history of IAE from now. It was an unforgettable experience that will follow me forever. It was a high level event and very well-organized. I was so impressed with the commitment of all people involved in its organization. Dr. Gary Carr and Carlos Murgel were perfect hosts and all members were so friendly with me. What a nice and positive ambient! I felt so confortable as I was in my own place. Thank you IAE members for the warmest reception and unforgettable moments during the last weekend.

Dallas Downtown (view from the Fairmont Hotel)
Meeting room (Fairmont Hotel)
Meeting room (Fairmont Hotel)
IAE's members
IAE's members
Dr. Versiani's presentation (Courtesy from Dr. Peter Endo)
Dr. Versiani's presentation (Courtesy from Dr. Peter Endo)
Dr. Versiani and Dr. Sashi Nallapati
Dr. David Figdor, Dr. Jorge Vera and Dr. Versiani
Dr. Robert Kaufmann, Dr. Ove Peters and Dr. Versiani
Dr. Versiani and Dr. Rajiv Patel
Dr. Jose Luis Marcos-Arenal, ... and Dr. Versiani
Dr. Versiani and Dr. Carlos Murgel
Dr. Versiani and Dr. Kim Lewis
Dr. Richard Mullins, Dr. Versiani and Dr. Robert Goldberg
Dr. Richard Mullins, Dr. Gary Carr, Dr. Versiani and Dr. Peter Cancellier
Dr. David Figdor, Dr. Versiani, Dr. Mark Dreyer and Dr. Garland Forbes
Dr. Carlos Murgel and Dr. Versiani (Courtesy from Dr. Peter Endo)

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