From 2011-2017, images and videos of "The Root Canal Anatomy Project" were developed at the Laboratory of Endodontics of Ribeirao Preto Dental School - University of Sao Paulo - under supervision of Dr Manoel Sousa Neto. From 2016, images were acquired in other educational institutions. They can be freely used for attributed noncommercial educational purposes by educators, scholars, student and clinicians. It means that all material used should include proper attribution and citation ( In such cases, this information should be linked to the image in a manner compatible with such instructional objectives. Unfortunately, because material shared on the RCAP has not been properly cited by several users, from November 2019 a watermark was added to the images and videos. Enjoy!

April 10, 2013

Roots Magazine 01.2013

Cover: 3-D micro-CT models of a mandibular molar showing  the changes of the original root-canal anatomy (green) after preparation with a multiple-file rotary system. Each color  represents preparation by one of  five  instruments. The  last  image  in the sequence  represents the  root canal after shaping  (red) superimposed on  the original canal  (green), demonstrating  that most of  the surface area was prepared using  the multiple-file system.

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Thanks to Oemus (in the name of Magda Wojtkiewicz) for the invitation to write the Editorial of this issue of Roots magazine as well as to illustrate the cover. I hope you also enjoy it! 

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Marco Versiani

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